Commercial Insurance

Owning a small business comes with commercial insurance requirements and additional options that can secure your business from unexpected incidents.

What is required?

All businesses in this state are required to carry the following insurance:

Any business that has one or more employees must carry worker's compensation coverage in the event that an employee is hurt on the job. With this coverage, all of their medical treatment expenses are covered and they agree not to sue the business, and they are able to return to their job once treatment is complete.

For any business that utilizes a vehicle for delivery or services, they are required to carry commercial auto insurance coverage. This gives them and their employees coverage in the event of an auto accident.

What can I supplement my coverage with?

These are just a few of the most common supplements you can add to your commercial insurance policy from Constructive Insurance. Commercial property coverage is designed to protect your physical property, appliances, equipment, and products should your business become a victim for theft or vandalism. This coverage will replace or repair the damaged business property.

If a customer or public citizen is harmed while on your business property, you could be held liable for their damages and medical expenses. With general liability, any accidental damage that you are responsible for will be compensated with this policy.

Should your business be closed for an extended time period due to a circumstance out of your control, you are able to use the business interruption service to continue paying your employees and maintaining your rent or loan payment on the building until you are up and running again.

Get your coverage today!

If you are a small business owner, contact our agents at Constructive Insurance today to get the policy you need and supplemental coverage you want.

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