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There are many condo owners throughout the United States, but many of them are not carrying a private condo insurance policy. While this is not required by the state, it is highly recommended, since the benefits and coverage of the Master insurance policy have coverage limits. When you choose a condo insurance policy from Constructive Insurance LLC, you will receive the following benefits.

Property Coverage

The HOA insurance policy that you pay into for your condo community does not cover the property behind your condo door. Should your condo become the victim of theft or vandalism, you will be responsible for replacing these items on your own. With your own condo insurance policy, however, you will have the financial assistance you need in this upsetting situation.

Liability Coverage

If you have guests over, and they are hurt using the community property, such as the pool or game room area, your HOA insurance policy can be used to cover the damages. However, if they are within your four walls of your condo, that policy is void and you are responsible. With a condo insurance policy, you would be covered. Liability coverage will cover any medical damages for bodily injury or property damage that may belong to a guest within the condo.

Get your condo insurance today!

This is something that condo owners with pets and children should heavily consider purchasing due to potential pet bites and birthday parties with several children playing in the condo. Even condo owners who live alone without pets should consider getting this policy because, honestly, no one knows what could happen on any day, so having that level of security gives them financial assistance during the most distraught of time.

If you are a condo owner, give our agents at Constructive Insurance LLC a call today for more information. We can help you get the policy and coverage you need.

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