Flood Insurance

Your home may be at significant risk for flood damage. As a matter of fact, did you know that floods are the most common natural disaster? What would you do if a flood-damaged your home? How would you pay for that damage? If you thought "I'll just use my home insurance," think again. Most home insurance policies don't cover flood damage. Sadly, a lot of homeowners don't realize this fact until their homes have already experienced flood damage. Too late, they realize that they'll have to pay for those damages out of pocket. Don't let a flood cause you financial ruin. Here at Constructive Insurance, we help people get the coverage that they need.

What Will Your Flood Insurance Cover?

What does flood insurance cover? Your insurance will cover damages to your home itself as well as damages to a lot of the belongings inside it. Furniture, appliances, electronics, and other essentials can all be covered in case of a flood. So it can damage your foundation, windows, walls, and other parts of the house. You have a range of coverage options, and you'll want to make the choice that fits your needs. We'll help you get the exact amount of coverage you want so that you can be confident in your coverage.

Constructive Insurance

Whether you already know exactly what you need, or you have lots of questions before you get started, the Constructive Insurance team is here to help you. Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise? You can get in touch with us online, by phone, or by dropping by our office. Contact us today, and we'll have a chat about your flood insurance needs. Our team is committed to helping you and other residents get the coverage they deserve.

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